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Can't Go Home But You Can't Stay Here
January 2, 2023
Remember the little seed in a styrofoam cup you patiently waited to grow when you were in kindergarten? Like that tiny seed, you can't always rush things to happen at your desired pace. In today's podcast, Gabriela Brunner of The New Firm reminds you to celebrate small wins and honor each baby step you take to reach your goals. This episode is for you if you are getting impatient with your growth in any area of your life.
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Hey everybody, how's it going? Gabriela Brunner here with The New Firm and I don't really know what I'm talking to you guys about right now. I am currently sitting in my car. It is really hot today and the reason why I'm sitting in my car at the parking lot of this school is because I kind of can't go home quite yet. So it's kind of funny.
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So I thought, hey, I'm plugged in, I got the AC going, I've got some sweet carts which are some of my fun travel candy because sorry, I'm shaking so much I'm trying to open the stack with one hand. I'm going to Salt Lake City, Utah tomorrow to meet with my healthy girl family and so it's just really exciting and I thought I'd just hop on, say hi. It's been a really exciting week with the podcast and the launching of the twelve month Sisterhood and Mastermind, and I've updated my website to reflect some more information on the Mastermind so you guys can hop on there and take a look. And I thought it might be kind of fun to just pull Truth Bomb Deck. Those of you who know me or maybe don't or follow me or whatever, I love Danielle Laporte and she's got this amazing Truth Bomb set.
[00:01:24.580] - Gabriela Brunner
And what it is, it's a deck of cards. So like if you do there she is. If you like Oracle cards or to receive messages or things like that, that's basically what it is. You can pull one, you can ask a question and feel guided to shuffle it and pull a card for yourself. And this message felt very important.
[00:01:42.040] - Gabriela Brunner
Absolutely everything is progress. And I love this card so much because I'm going to prop it on here because so often we beat ourselves up for not being there or for not achieving a certain level of success. I'm surrounded by a lot of coaches because that's what's in my awareness right now. I'm just like when I was a lawyer, I was surrounded by a lot of lawyers and I'm surrounded by a lot of coaches who are creating programs and doing all of these beautiful things and then they have these expectations that they're going to make a million bucks off the first one. I'm exaggerating of course, maybe some do or some don't, but that you're going to sell out your program on the first door and maybe you will and some people have and maybe you won't.
[00:02:22.470] - Gabriela Brunner
And what if instead of judging yourself and saying, I didn't sign up 50 people this first round, you took it that everything is progress. So signing up three people or one person or even nobody means that now you are getting closer and closer and closer to that thing or creation that will fill up easily and gracefully enjoyfully, or that job that just comes to you out of the blue and you're like, oh my gosh, where did this come from? And that's really because you celebrated that everything is progress every little step of the way. You can't get there without going here. You can't have winter without going through the fall, in the summer, in the spring.
[00:03:04.140] - Gabriela Brunner
And it really is where I'm living right now. I moved from Minneapolis to central Illinois, and where I'm living right now is a big industrial part of the country. There is a lot of corn and soybeans that are being grown here, including in my front yard and in my backyard of my home. It's kind of like in my face every day in a very good way, that things take time, that they planted seeds. And I've been here since March, so I literally saw the farmers out there planting seeds.
[00:03:33.670] - Gabriela Brunner
I saw them, the seeds grow, the things there, and now they're actually just sitting there for a while. They've been sitting there growing to their fullest potential before what I'm assuming the machines and the people are going to come and cut everything down and reap the rewards of their thing. So what if the farmers beat themselves up because the very first day the crop didn't grow as high as they wanted to? Like they need to honor that. Everything is progress.
[00:03:54.800] - Gabriela Brunner
It's progress to plant them, it's progress to water them. It's progress when it rains, progress when it doesn't rain and you find a different way to make it work. So I don't know, it's like calling to share. Part of that is also because I'm waiting to get home. You're probably wondering why I can't just go home.
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And it's because my kids are napping right now. They're home with Grandma. And I feel like if I come home right now, it's going to be too much disruption and interruption and I don't want to mess up their afternoon flow. It's kind of funny because I went to Minard today. Menards is like a lows or Home Depot in case they don't have those all over the country.
[00:04:28.820] - Gabriela Brunner
And I don't know, I just kind of walked around and it was funny the things that I picked up. So I picked up a sandblaster because there's this beautiful space in the garage. It was going to become my office. And so my husband and I are working on that. If you have kids, some of you may know Odd Squad, $5 for Odd Squad, the movie.
[00:04:49.510] - Gabriela Brunner
I picked it up for my kids as a surprise because now my daughter is expecting surprises from me because every time I come home and from Grandma because I think she's getting used to us buying her things. I bought a pizza because I got to get up really early tomorrow morning and I want it to be dinner to be easy. And I got myself a snack, big old box of sweet darts for could be better than that. So I don't know, kind of hanging out and honestly, I want to take this time too. To reflect upon everything that's going on, like all the creations, all the people that I see that are experiencing so many beautiful things.
[00:05:24.900] - Gabriela Brunner
And I know there's a lot going on in the news, and honestly, forgive me, and this might trigger some of you, but I don't really watch the news. And I do know that in my heart, I'm honoring and sending love where it needs to go. But there's just a lot going on lately. And sometimes it can get so lost in everything that's going on that we forget to celebrate ourselves and celebrate the things that we're doing because we feel like we shouldn't be celebrating when other people are hurting and you can still feel people's hurt and send them love and still honor and respect the things that you've done and the things that you've created and where you are. And I feel like by doing that, we actually expand sort of the ripple effect and almost like send more good energy and love where it needs to go.
[00:06:04.960] - Gabriela Brunner
Just saying hi. Probably go home in a little bit. I just want you guys to remember that absolutely everything is progress. Anyway, you guys, I just wanted to say hi. And I just want to wish you a very happy week.
[00:06:14.890] - Gabriela Brunner
And I want to say thank you for everybody who's listening to the podcast so far. Thank you for the compliments, thank you for sharing or listening or just being a part of all of it. And if you feel called Explore the Twelve Month program, please check out the website. I posted it in the notes there so you can look at that as well. And just remember, absolutely everything is progress.
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I will talk to you guys soon. Bye.