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Full Moon and the Guided Career
March 20, 2023
The full moon reminds us of life transitions. It's about letting go of the things that no longer serve us and being open to the possibilities of the future. In this week's episode, Gabriela Brunner, CEO of The New Firm talks about her Guided Career program. If you are thinking about changing jobs or trying something new, I suggest you check out this week's podcast and see how the Guided Career could help you in your major life transition.
[00:00:00.190] - Gabriela Brunner
Hi, everybody. Good evening and happy full moon. I believe it's a full moon in Aries, which is kind of cool because I'm in Aries. And so it always catches my attention when the full moon correlates to my astrological science. So I was reading something today that talked a little bit more about the energy of the full moon.
[00:00:18.330] - Gabriela Brunner
And one of the things that caught my attention was the fact that this full moon is bringing about a culmination of things that we started back in April of this year. And around March and April of this year, I had the inspired idea around my program called the Guided Career. So the Guided Career came to life. It came to life with this really powerful transformational energy. We did a live round of it in sometime this summer.
[00:00:48.470] - Gabriela Brunner
We went for eleven weeks this summer. There were eight amazing women who were participating in the program. We had live calls. We had all kinds of really cool stuff, weekly workshops, one on one calls, the whole nine yards.
[00:01:00.730] - Gabriela Brunner
And it's so powerful because over the last few weeks, I have been actually a couple of weeks or so. I've been feeling really strongly that the Guided Career is taking on a different flavor. It's taking on a different shape. And so today I finalized the language, if you will, on the sales page. I guess sometimes that feels like the blessing, right?
[00:01:20.880] - Gabriela Brunner
If you've got it on the sales page, then it's time to move forward with it. So the beautiful thing is that as I read that piece around this full moon and so full moons are all about releasing about letting go of what no longer serves you, about honoring those things that were and allowing space for the new things to enter. And so I feel it's really powerful, and it wasn't intentional because honestly, I didn't really even couldn't have timed it this way if I tried. So that's one of the signs for me that something is perfectly aligned, because the truth of the matter is that the way that the Guided Career unfold was so perfect for that round, and it gave me so much wisdom and so much knowledge around how it feels good to move forward with it. And so I wanted to introduce you the new and improved, right? Which is kind of an oxymoron. It can't be new and improved, but I read luck when I see that. But I digress, anyway. So, the Guided Career in this newest evolution is a beautiful program for women who are facing career transitions.
[00:02:25.400] - Gabriela Brunner
So women who know that there's something out there that's different, that they need to do something that they're not feeling quite satisfied where they are. We're taking a different approach. We're taking an approach where we're learning how to listen to yourself. We're learning new techniques, new ways of perspective, gaining perspective, new ways of figuring out how to make the best of where you are. And here's the thing.
[00:02:46.540] - Gabriela Brunner
They may not be new. I didn't invent them. I'm honest about that. Most things are not new to anybody in general, but they may be new to you. It might be a new way of trying something out.
[00:02:57.160] - Gabriela Brunner
Maybe it's something you've never thought of before that's existed around you. And now through this opportunity, through this group, through this program, you're going to have a chance to try something new. Because one of the things that I firmly believe in is that in order to see if something is for you, you got to try it out. You got to give it a shot. So real quickly, because I'm going into an Akashic Records reading right now. So if you are just a little side notes, parentheses, you'd love to learn more about the Akashic Records. Check out the website. Let me know.
Back to the regularly scheduled program. So the Guided Career is this beautiful program where you're going to learn about intuition.
[00:03:32.230] - Gabriela Brunner
You're going to learn about trusting yourself. You're going to learn about ways that work best for you, to make the best of where you are. You're going to learn how to trust yourself. You're going to learn how to listen to yourself. You're going to learn how to take action on those things in order to create the job/career and life that you desire.
[00:03:47.530] - Gabriela Brunner
And it comes in this beautiful group program. So what it is, is you can sign up on a monthly basis. You can pay month to month, or you can sign up for three months at a time. We're going to have monthly group calls or group workshops where we're going to talk about some of the most common issues in career transitions, some of the most common issues that women face in career transitions. We're going to have some beautiful guided meditations.
[00:04:13.750] - Gabriela Brunner
We're going to have some I call them the New Monday weekly prompts. So starting off Monday with a great start, as opposed to Dreading Monday. So we're going to kind of get a handle on the Sunday night Blues and just frame our weeks in a different way. All kinds of other stuff, just all kinds of stuff. So I invite you to check out the website.
[00:04:31.820] - Gabriela Brunner
It's TheNewFirm.Co/the-guided-career. It's in the notes right here. But I invite you guys to check that out because it's going to be a really cool way to ease yourself into receiving support, to having a space where you can share with other people what you're experiencing. Share with me. I'm going to be your guide.
[00:04:54.590] - Gabriela Brunner
I'm going to lead the conversations. I'm creating this beautiful group atmosphere for us to really have the support and motivation and inspiration that we need to navigate a career transition. So it could be that you're thinking about it. It could be that you're actively in a career transition right now. It could be that you've gotten to your new place and you just have stuff that's going on and you're just like I need a space to talk, I need a space to share, I need a space to just be so go ahead and check out the website and I just wanted to say happy full moon in Aries.
[00:05:27.730] - Gabriela Brunner
You can Google it and find out some cool stuff there. Soul Shine Astrology is my latest fascination with how she talks about the moon cycles and what it means and also she references in terms of careers. So I think that that's a really perfect fit for what I'm creating here as well so I invite you guys to check that out too. Let's see, what else do I want to share with you guys? I think that's it for right now so I'm going to be coming at you guys a lot more in the days and weeks more consistent basis talking about all things related to careers and just different ways of looking at things, sharing my experiences and things that help me and sharing the general experiences of the women that I have worked with so far either in the guided career or one on one or anything like that.
[00:06:12.440] - Gabriela Brunner
So I encourage you guys to check out the page it's TheNewFirm.Co/the-guided-career. You can look at it in the link and let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you on the quote inside. Right. Have a good evening, everybody.
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