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There Are Wonderful Employers Out There
November 14, 2022
Ever had a high-paying job yet the work environment sucks? Even the best-compensated employees leave when they're unhappy at work. Join Gabriela Brunner, founder, and CEO of The New Firm as she gives us a tour at her job where she found life satisfaction. If you don't believe wonderful employers exist and you need some convincing, keep on listening.
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Hello everybody. Gabriela here of The New Firm, and I wanted to share something with you guys. I'm not sure if you can see kind of the surroundings that I'm in right now. See this beautiful pathway? Well, some of you may know that I have been doing a contract position at a place called Thompson Writers in Egan, Minnesota.
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And you may be wondering, oh my gosh, but aren't you like a coach? Aren't you building a business? Aren't you helping people transition from one job to another? And actually, yes, I am. But much like any opportunity in life, it takes time to nurture the baby.
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My business is probably a toddler right now, and I'm watching it grow and thrive. And at the same time, I'm taking care of myself and helping my family by working this contract job. And here's the thing. I've worked at so many different places before, and I have to say that Thompson Reuters is one of the most beautiful environments that I have ever worked in. And the reason why I wanted to come live to you right now was that as I was walking from my car, see this huge parking lot.
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I had never noticed this pass before. And first, it's just completely wooded. It's a really serene and peaceful walk. So you can imagine walking to and from your car every single day on this path. And then I noticed something that really caught my eye, and it kind of gets me choked up a little bit because I have never, ever seen something like this done at any place of employment, to be honest with you.
[00:01:42.930] - Gabriela Brunner
Take a look at this. Hopefully, I can get this. There are these plaques that line this entire walkway, and it's for all different employees and people who have worked here that have passed away. And so they're honoring their memory. People who worked here for maybe a year, people who worked here for 30 years, doesn't matter how long you were here.
[00:02:05.000] - Gabriela Brunner
Thompson Reuters made the effort to put all of these plaques out and honor every single person, I'm thinking, or many people who have passed away. And that to me, just shows something that I think has been lost in this day and age, something that we don't have anymore. It's loyalty, it's kindness, it's generosity towards employees. And people around here are happy. And maybe later when I'm inside, I'll take a little video sort of the different surroundings that I have seen inside because that's another thing.
[00:02:34.710] - Gabriela Brunner
They're so employee-focused that they actually build these different spaces on the inside that are going to be amenable to different kinds of personalities and different kinds of work styles. So people can take their laptops and sit in the cafe. There's a terrace outside that you can work. There's incredible WiFi everywhere. Beautiful paths such as this one where you can walk just peacefully and honor the memory of employees who have shared their time here and then have been honored and remembered by their colleagues and Thompson Writers.
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It's really fascinating to me that an employer has actually taken the time and energy to actually figure out how to make their employees happy and that's why their employees stay. It's actually being a contract attorney here kind of makes me a little sad because I know at some point my time here might end. But the hope is that you keep trying. You keep trying and putting yourself out there and testing different employers and seeing that there actually are places out there that really care about their employees and really make it comfortable in a beautiful setting and surrounding to be in. So don't give up.
[00:03:46.940] - Gabriela Brunner
There are places like that and if you know that that's what you want, you keep going and you keep looking for it and you find it. Because seriously, of all the places that I worked, I didn't know that anything like this existed. And so I'm going to take some video inside as well to kind of show you the different environments. I may not be live then, but that's okay. But I just wanted to really do a huge shout-out.
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So if you are living in Minnesota, if you are considering a new career or a new job, I don't know, you might want to check Thompson Writers. Okay, guys, that's pretty quick. I got to get inside and start doing my work. But please let me know if there's anything I can do to support you. I'd love for you to check out my website www.TheNewFirm.Co.
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If you aren't already following me on social media, all the tags or links are down there at the bottom of the website. So I look forward to it. And if you've got any places that you've worked out that are truly exemplary, truly outstanding, let us know because is what it's all about. Sharing really good experiences with people so that they can connect, make meaningful connections and find that new dream job for themselves. Okay, I'll talk to you guys later.
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