Dreamer and Creator
My Favorite Tool to Access Inner Wisdom
April 10, 2023
Do you often doubt yourself and your decisions? Do you know that there's a way to know which path to take when you're at your life's crossroads? Gabriela Brunner, CEO of The New Firm talks about the importance of listening to your own wisdom and how to access it. Listen to today's podcast to learn how you can make smart decisions by listening to yourself.
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Hello everybody. So I hope you're all doing well. And my name is Gabriela. So I wanted to hop on live because the last few days have been very charged, energetically, emotionally, just a lot of things going in the world. And then even on a more micro level, individually and personally for me and my family.
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And I've been thinking a lot about just life, right? This year has been goodness. I don't think there's even an appropriate word to express or encompass everything that this year has been for so many people on so many different levels. And sometimes I start to think to myself, why is all of this happening? Why is this happening?
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Maybe you're thinking, Why is this happening to me? Why is this happening to my loved one? Just why? Right? And if you're anything like me, we try to seek answers in the external.
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So I have a library full of books, personal development books, psychology books, just everything that I can get my hands on to try and help me understand life, right? And my life more specifically. But one of the things I've come to realize is the absolute power of our own internal wisdom, our own internal guidance. And I personally, I don't like to speak for other people, but I personally used to be very strongly connected to my internal wisdom and I used it to guide my life and my decisions. And then I don't know if it was just life and getting older or having more responsibilities or more things pulling at my time or less energy or whatever it is.
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I've kind of really gotten away from that. And I tend to be a people pleaser and somebody who really validates or values external validation. I've learned that about myself. And so sometimes it's like I prefer external wisdom or guidance or answers to my own internal wisdom. So I'm not sure if any of you watching this can relate, but sometimes I just feel like it's a lot easier to ask my friend or my husband or whomever or even read it in a book about this or that instead of really trying to turn inward and really trying to listen to those answers from the inside.
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So one of the things that I realized that happened with me was that I totally forgot how to listen to my own inner wisdom. And then by totally forgetting how to listen to it, I ended up not being able to trust it because I wasn't sure what I was hearing, I wasn't sure what I was feeling. I wasn't sure what was kind of going on in my own mind and in my own heart. And slowly, throughout the years, many years, god, the universe, you know, the powers, the greater power, put people and things in my pasta and I picked up the little breadcrumbs. And those things helped me realize, basically helped me reconnect to my own internal guidance and wisdom.
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And I firmly believe that the tool that works the best is the one that works the best for you. So, in my case, through a lot of trying, a lot of experience, and a lot of experimenting, I have figured out that there are two main tools that work brilliantly for me. And one is the Akashic Records, and two is Kundalini Yoga. And for me, it's very important that whatever information or wisdom I get, that I can actually ground it into my life. And by grounding, I mean, like, bring it into the physical.
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It doesn't help to have some kind of theoretical idea out there that doesn't really function in real life, right? Because we have to live in real life. So what good is it to have this kind of wisdom that tells you something that just you can't even apply to your real life? So these two ancient practices or practices or technologies for me, help me connect to my intuition, help me connect to my inner voice, my heart, my inner wisdom, and then apply it to my day-to-day life. And so, for example, the Akashic Records are a beautiful, sacred, ancient wisdom, and essentially, think of it as, like, all of the life experiences that your soul has ever had, and somebody's up there writing everything down, everything that has ever happened to you in this lifetime, in previous lifetimes.
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So you have to believe in previous lifetimes, I suppose, in order to resonate with this. So it's all written down. And so learning how to get into your own Akashic Records, how to access them, it's almost like stepping into your own private library and learning where on the shelf that information is and how to grab it, and how to read it, and how to get the answers to the questions that you're looking for. And then sometimes we need to then be able to bring that energy into our physical bodies. And so the practice of Kundalini Yoga helps to do just that.
[00:06:00.850] - Gabriela Brunner
Also, on the flip side, kundalini Yoga has helped me connect to myself and to my intuition so that I can trust the information that I'm getting in my records, right? So it can go either way. I really hope you're having a beautiful day. And however you get there, I hope that you trust your own inner wisdom more often than not.