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Beating the Heat With a Little Wisdom on Failure
September 19, 2022
You were excited to try something new, but all of a sudden, things didn't work out as you imagined. In her first Facebook live, Gabriela Brunner of The New Firm shares how failing at something takes us one step toward where we want to be. Listen to today's episode if you feel frustrated and on the verge of giving up after a disastrous start.
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Hi, everybody. I'm trying to thought again. It cut me off before. So I'm Gabriela Brunner, and I am doing my very first Facebook Live in my car. So two for one.
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There you go. It's really, really hot today. So I am waiting for my car to cool down just a little bit. And I thought I would just share something with you guys that I've been thinking about a lot this week. It's just the theme has been coming a lot up a lot around failure.
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What is failure? What does it mean? I'm a failure if I don't try something or if I don't succeed, whatever that means, I'm a failure. And I was reading an article about Google, and the slogan that came up was, fail fast and move on. And that was really interesting to me because it made me feel like, great, we've got something to work with here.
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Fail fast and move on. Let's not be afraid of failure. And when we think of Google, do we actually even think of failure? What I see when I see Google is I see this huge business mogul. I see a billion-dollar business of innovating and creating new things every single day.
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I didn't even know that Google tried TV, but they did, and they failed, according to us, and they decided to scrap the plan and do something different. So that, to me, is really cool, the fact that failure actually the only time that we fail is when we stop doing something. And that comes from my Napoleon Hill. Think and grow rich. If you have an opportunity to listen to that ebook or read the book, oh, my gosh, please do.
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And what he was talking about is that we have a chance to try different things in life. We have an opportunity to experience different things. And the only time that we fail is if we actually give up. What we're actually doing is we're trying, we're experiencing, we're working towards something. We're figuring out if something works.
[00:01:56.940] - Gabriela Brunner
And if it doesn't work, take that plan and change it and make it a sound plan. And what he was talking about in his book, Think and Grow Rich, is that if we have a plan with a purpose fueled by desire and a belief that we can get there, we will get there. And that the men who actually achieved this book were written a long time ago. So we'll fill in men and women. The men and women who have achieved great success, be it financially or however they define success, have gotten there.
[00:02:25.700] - Gabriela Brunner
Because any time that their sound plan, because they had a sound plan, if their plan didn't work, it's because it wasn't sound, and therefore, they just had to rework it. So in the words of Google, fail fast and move on. And you're not a failure unless you quit 100%. So don't quit on yourself. I believe in you.
[00:02:45.070] - Gabriela Brunner
I want you guys to go out there, go for it, try something. If it doesn't work, you're not a failure. It just means you actually tried. And now you're one step closer to getting to that place where you want to be. So my car is feeling pretty good right now, so I'm going to let you guys go, and I'm just excited that I got a chance to be here with you.
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This is actually pretty cool. So have a wonderful day. If you're in one of these really hot states right now, try and stay cool, and I will talk to you again soon. Bye.