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Operation Change Career: What is it?
April 17, 2023
You just quit your job a couple of months ago, but now you're starting to feel like the grass is greener on another fence. You've tried to stay but feel dissatisfied afterward. Gabriela Brunner of The New Firm talks about her 10-week online program, Operation Change Career. Tune in to today's episode to learn more about this program and how it can help you find the job that's meant for you.
Gabriela Brunner - 0:01
Hey everybody, this is Gabriella of The New Firm. And I want to talk to you guys a little bit about my online program called Operation Change Career.  Now, the name is something that I came up with about five or six years ago. I personally was experiencing a time in my life where I was really in transition. 

Gabriela Brunner - 0:23
My story is that I am an attorney by education. And there was a time when that just didn't feel right anymore. So I came up with a name Operation change career and the intention was for me to blog about my experience. I've been trying to find a new career. So what I ended up doing was going to the library and getting a stack of about this many books, what color's your parachute, great jobs to have and whatever year it was 2014- 15 whatever year it was, and I committed to blogging every single day about all of my experiences, all the tips, all the everything that I could come up with, to help other people who are going through a career transition. So committing to blogging every single day was something that I really didn't expect to be that difficult. 

Gabriela Brunner - 1:11
So after a little bit of blogging stopped, and I kind of did it every so often. So this actually was in 2011. So there you go. So then it just kind of stayed there. And throughout the years, I tried not working. I tried contract working. I tried working for a startup, I tried going back to immigration law all of these different things. And what I found at each position and each job was that I just I wasn't happy. I was dissatisfied and couldn't understand why I was like, I'm changing my surrounding. It's a completely new office, completely new people. It's a whole other situation. But I had no idea that what was really going on was that I needed to do some internal exploration. 

Gabriela Brunner - 1:51
I needed to understand why it wasn't working out for me in these places. I needed to understand if the practice of law was even still something that I wanted to do, and then also understand why I didn't want to do it. You know, you go through all the time and expensive college graduate programs of you know, additional degrees and certifications. You get yourself on a track. You commit to doing what you think is right for you in the moment and then at some point in time something changes and you don't really even know how to put words to it. It just feels like this like nagging this sort of longing, the sense of dissatisfaction but you can't really quite put your finger on it. 

Gabriela Brunner -2:28
And so out of this blog that was you know, in existence four or five years ago, I created this online program called Operation Change Career. And the reason why I really believe in this program is that number one, it is all about exploring the inner so it's not so much about okay, how do you write a great resume? You know, where can you look for jobs, there's a couple tips in there about that, but it really focuses on why you're doing what you're doing. What it is that you enjoy doing. If you've forgotten how to remember what it's like to actually love what you do. There's a lot of questions in there that actually helped you even figure out if it's a good thing to stay where you are, and if it's not a good thing to stay where you are what you can do to kind of get yourself out there because I'm all about making a graceful career transition. 

Gabriela Brunner -3:18
So Operation change career is an online program. There's 10 weeks worth of modules, and you get those in your inbox every week. Some of the weeks have two or three modules in them. You get workbooks, you get recommendations for some of my absolute favorite resources that have helped me throughout the years. And there's also a private Facebook group where you can join other people who are experiencing the exact same thing as you. So I'm really proud of this. I really put a lot of time and energy and thought and commitment and each time that it evolves, there's just more wisdom and more value in your knowledge. So I'm so excited to share this program with all of you. I'll plug the link at the bottom so that you guys can get more information about it. You can also reach out to me at Gabriela@thenewfirm.co, if you're interested in this program, but I do encourage you guys to check it out because it really is something that allows you to take your time you get support from me and the other people in the program. Also get an opportunity to get the recording to get lifetime access, which is really awesome. So I wanted to share this with you guys. I really sincerely look forward to hearing any questions or you're interested in the program.

Gabriela Brunner - 4.34
I hope you guys have an awesome day and I can't wait to join you and all the other people participating in Operation Change Career. We'll talk soon. Bye bye.