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Be a Tourist in Your Own Life
January 16, 2023
When you look at celebrities or other famous people, do you feel a pang of envy about how they live their lives? In today's podcast, Gabriela Brunner of The New Firm teaches us how to live a fulfilled life just by changing viewpoints. Tune in if you often find yourself wanting to be in someone else's shoes.
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Good morning, everybody. This is Gabriela of The New Firm. I wanted to pop in live because I had a really interesting awareness this morning and yesterday I was cleaning up my daily Intuitive Reflection, which is a free offering that I have on my website. So if you guys want some daily support, go ahead and check out my website, TheNewFirm.Co. And go to the shop page and you can find that.
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So if you saw one of my recent posts, I posted a mantra that said, I want to experience my own life or I choose to experience my own life. And I was thinking about that today as I was getting my kids ready, about how often we want to live somebody else's life. We see a celebrity, we see another person, it seems like they've got their shit together. We see that person who goes for five mile runs in the morning and then their kids are dressed impeccably in white all day. And they seem to manage to get everything done easily, right?
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Because a lot of people get things done, but it's not always done easily or with the appearance of it being easy. And so I was thinking about how experiencing your own life is much like when you live in the city for a long time and then you move away from that city and then you come back to that city and you experience it as a tourist and you start to see all of the things that that city has. They were always right under your nose that you never did while you were living there because it's like you get so comfortable or you think, oh, I'll do it next time, or, I'm too busy. I have all of these other things that I have to pay attention to. So I'm not going to experience that restaurant or that park or that venue or that concert or that whatever it is, right?
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And I started thinking about that, about what if we became tourists of our own life? What if we became the type of people that so beautifully experience our own lives as if we were a tourist in a new city or a tourist in our own life, right? And as I started to think about that, I was like, wow. Really? The foundation of all of that is trusting your path.
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It's trusting that you are on this beautiful adventure where you get to decide how you want to show up, how you want to live your life, what the rules are going to be of the game of your own life and play with it and have fun with it. And maybe you don't know what tomorrow brings. Maybe you don't know what next week or next month or next year brings a drop of truth bomb on you. None of us do, right? None of us do.
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Moment by moment is how we actually live. We just think that we can plan for the future when let me tell you, this year has been a prime example for me of how best laid plans it doesn't matter if you've got every detail figured out. Life throws you curveballs, and the name of the game is adjusting, and it's going with the flow and trying to keep your perspective up. And all of that is an element of trusting your own path. Because if you firmly believe that everything that happens on this journey of life is here to teach you something, it's here to show you something.
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It's here to help you have a rich experience so that you can anchor something else that you need to know. Maybe it's forgiveness. Maybe it's love. Maybe it's understanding. Maybe it's compassion.
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Maybe it's humor. Maybe it's play. Maybe it's excitement. Maybe it's treating your life like a vacation or like an overseas adventure. Whatever it is, each experience is helping you get there.
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So I just wanted to share that because it just felt, like, so interesting. Like, looking at everything around you with a new perspective. Looking at it as if you were venturing out in a brand new city for the first time. So all of that, and I mentioned the words trust your path a couple of times, and that's actually the name of my brand new 14 week immersion program. And the beautiful thing about these two programs and I say two because I'm offering one in the spring of 2018 and one in the fall of 2018.
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14 weeks immersive coaching six beautiful women, sisterhood, basically sisterhood of support. Weekly calls, weekly support calls. Incredible guest speakers, beautiful content aligned with the Firestarter sessions and the Desire maps that facilitate both. And each experience comes with a retreat. So the spring retreat is going to be in gorgeous Carmel by the Sea, California.
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I love Carmel. I actually went there on my honeymoon, and it's such a magical place. And the fall is going to be in Florence, Italy. Choose your adventure. Choose your flavor, choose the level of support and join us.
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Go ahead and check out the link in my bio so that you can put your name on the waitlist because the applications are going to be opening soon. I hope you guys have an awesome day. And I really, really want you guys to look at today as a new adventure venture where you are experiencing your life for the first time, your own life. Forget about everybody else's. Live your life.
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I'll talk to you soon. Bye.