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Guided Career on Money
February 6, 2023
When was the last time you invested in yourself? Gabriela Brunner of The New Firm talks about her Guided Career Program and how she can price it at a reasonable price and with flexible terms. Tune in if you are hesitating about investing in yourself through coaching programs.
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Hey everybody, how are you doing? This is Gabriela Brunner of The New Firm and I wanted to talk to you guys today about money. 

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So I'm gonna give a shout out to my dear friend Tyler Fowler and she is the host of an awesome podcast called A Year Ago Today. You can find it on iTunes and I forget what the other podcast channels are or whatever you call them. But anyway, the reason why I'm sharing about the money aspect of the Guided Career is because when I listened to the episode that aired yesterday, where she interviewed me, she did like a short little she did an introduction to Sharon, her reflections and thoughts and all that kind of stuff about our episode and everything that we talked about in the show. And one of the things that she mentioned was that when she was looking at the sales page for the Guided Career, and she got to the bottom and she saw the price point for the program, which is $444 for 11 weeks, she kind of was like oh my god that's incredibly low for everything that Gabriela is offering. She said I would pay that much for one hour of her time. 

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And so it struck me because $444 if you've never invested that much in yourself before can feel like a million. Or you might say what like I've paid like $4,000 for a week of coaching. So there must not be that much value because it's only $444. 

Gabriela Brunner - 01:47
So the truth is that I have run the gamut. I have paid that much for programs that have done more for me than programs that I've paid a lot more for, and vice versa. So at the end of the day, it's really all about your perspective and your experience and I also wanted to share something that's really important to me. I am providing probably the most flexible payment plan. I don't decide the payment plan, you decide it. And there's this really cool new feature on PayPal where you can actually create an invoice and you set a start date and you set an end date and then the person who receives the invoice so those people who will be joining me in the Guided Career actually can decide when they pay and how much they pay. So maybe one week you've got a few extra bucks and you can put it towards the program. Maybe another week, you've got $100 that you want to put towards the program. You decide how much you pay over the course of the time that we spend together. 

Gabriela Brunner - 02:40
The one thing that I will ask everybody who participates is that you make sure that you pay it off by the time the program is complete. So if you join like right before the start date, you have a minimum of 11 weeks to pay it off, which is $44 a week which is probably about how much I spend on coffee each week. 

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And if you decide to participate in join sooner than that, then you know you might have a few extra weeks in order to pay it off. And the reason why I wanted to do it that way was because while we will be touching upon the subject of money in the Guided Career, because we're all working to receive money so that we can do with the money, those things that we truly want to do with our lives, right. There's some issues of wort, how much value, dollars per hour and all of the things that are associated with money. 

Gabriela Brunner - 03:30
This program is not about healing all of your money stories. It's not about healing your relationship with money. So, the price point was intentionally set based on some formula that I created, which is me, to be perfectly honest. I think I undervalued it in the sense that I really took like the physical number of hours. That I will be quote spending working with you guys which is basically it'd be all the time and divided that by 10 because 10 is the number of people that are calling in and priced it basically like that. 

Gabriela Brunner - 04:19
So if you purchased each physical hour of time with me for 11 weeks, it would cost about 4200 $4,400. But because we have the power of coming together and literally like the power we can share that time together and get the same or equal benefit or more benefit because we actually benefit from the power of community. And it's like offsetting the costs because you know, to pay for one hour of something by yourself usually cost more than paying for an hour or something in a group. And that's also the reason why the group is intentionally small because I work best with people when I can develop a really good relationship with it and if there's 100 people in the room or even 20 people in the group, I may not be able to devote as much one on one time to you because I physically don't have hours available for that. So I wanted to talk a little bit about that because sometimes people can really get turned off by the money piece because they say I don't have it or sometimes it's tied to like I'm not worth it, which is usually underneath the immediate reaction or it's too expensive or Oh, that's not enough. The truth is that it is priced at that point, because we have to come up with a number and I feel that the collective whatever doesn't matter what I think on all of that. I feel that the price point that I reached is appropriate. 

Gabriela Brunner - 05:23
And on top of that, I feel like it's accessible for people if they really want to do it. It's high enough that it's like commitment. It's an investment. And it's low enough that I truly feel like if you want to dig through four quarters in your car, you'll probably come up with at least 20 bucks, which would be like half weeks payment, right? So I'm just throwing ideas out there. But I just wanted to share all of that because I don't want you to be discouraged by the cost. I don't want you to think that you have to pay the 444 like right off the bat or that you even have to make like $100 payments, you know all at once. Unless you want to or so completely flexible totally up to you. 

Gabriela Brunner - 06:03
And if you have any issues around the money and you want to work through some of that with me, I invite you to schedule a call. I'm offering everybody who's interested 30 Minute Calls for free where we can talk about the program we can talk about how you feel about it, we can talk about whether you feel drawn to it or not. and I'm going to help you make that decision and I will never ever, ever pressure you to buy the program just that I have another warm body because that's going to completely break the energy of the group and that's not what I'm going for. 

Gabriela Brunner - 06:23
So if this is right for you, we will know it and if it's not right for you, we will know it So I just wanted to share all of that, and I hope you guys are having a wonderful Friday Friyay. We'll be talking to you soon. Let me know if you have any questions about anything, put the link in there somewhere, and I hope you guys are all doing well.